ALERT British Airways BA113 to JFK declared an emergency and returned to London Heathrow (video)


British Airways flight BA113 to JFK returned to LHR.

Flight BA113 took off from Heathrow at 15:38 local time.

The Boeing 777-200ER (reg. G-VIIC) declared an emergency before leaving UK airspace. Pilots were forced to dump fuel close to Cardiff at 10,000 ft in order to reduce weight for the emergency landing.

The Boeing 777 landed runway 09L about 1 hour after takeoff and was met my emergency services on the taxiway. It then has been escorted to the gate.

British Airways comment to Airlive: The aircraft landed safely after our highly trained pilots opted to return to Heathrow as a precaution. We’ve said sorry to our customers for the delay to their journey, and we’ll get them back on their way as quickly as we can.