ALERT Two Airbus A320s clipped wings while disembarking passengers at Santiago de Chile Airport


A ground collision between two planes occurred this Thursday at Santiago Airport.

Two Airbus A320s of LATAM Chile clipped wings during pushback collision at gate 21A/B at Santiago de Chile Airport.

Damages occurred to both wings of the A320s (reg. (CC-BAE & CC-BFL).

In a statement, the DGAC confirmed that the event occurred at 11:30 this Thursday involving an aircraft with passengers onboard with a parked aircraft without passengers and crew. “While an aircraft was parked in parking lot No. 20, in the process of disembarking passengers, another LATAM aircraft entered into parking lot No. 21 without passengers or crew, collided with the wingtip of the parked aircraft”.

Latam Airlines stated “this morning a minor incident occurred between two aircraft at Santiago Airport. The contact between the two planes occurred when personnel from the supplier company towed one of the planes without passengers.”