BREAKING Several EU countries suspend all UK flights from midnight

EU states to restrict travel to and from the UK and South Africa due to the new Covid-19 strain.

Germany, France and Ireland are the latest to have suspended travel, announcing the move shortly after Austria, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium made similar decisions.

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  • UPDATE Iran halts travel to UK over concerns regarding new coronavirus mutation.
  • UPDATE From midnight, France will ban travel from UK “for at least 48 hours” Minister Djebbari on LCI.
  • UPDATE Ireland bans flights from Great Britain over virus.

A spokesperson for the German government said on Sunday afternoon that the country was working on a regulation to restrict travel from Britain to protect the country from the new coronavirus variant.

Several countries have so far introduced travel bans from Britain following the discovery of a new variant of coronavirus in the UK that is up to 70 per cent more transmissible than the original.

The Dutch government’s travel ban came into force at 6 am local time on Sunday, and this ban will remain in place until January 1. In a statement, the Dutch health ministry said:

Similarly, air travel between Belgium & the UK will be prohibited from tonight for a minimum 24-hour period, and there will be strict checks along the border.