EasyJet hopes to fly from London Heathrow


Britain’s biggest low-cost airline, EasyJet hopes to fly from London Heathrow airport, even though its application for 98 weekly slots has just been rejected.

Although EasyJet’s rival airlines, Ryanair and Jet2 haven’t requested for slots, EasyJet had applied for 14 daily take-offs and landing slots for the summer season next year.

However, EasyJet was unable to get any of the 299,642 slots allocated for the next financial year starting in April 2021. easyJet has never flown from London Heathrow.

London Gatwick airport is EasyJet’s main base in London. It also has a big operation out of Luton airport, the location of its headquarters.

After it’s application was rejected, an EasyJet spokesperson told The Independent:

“As Heathrow is one of the very few top 50 airports in Europe where we don’t currently operate, we remain interested in potentially starting operations there as we believe we could lower prices and bolster competition at the airport.”

“While this hasn’t been possible this time, we will continue to look for opportunities across Europe’s slot constrained airports as they arise.”