INCIDENT American Airbus A320 made emergency landing at higher speed after suffering flaps problem


An American Airlines Airbus A320 made an emergency landing shortly after departure at a higher than normal speed at Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport due to flaps problem.

The aircraft was operating American flight AA578 from Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The aircraft suffered flaps problem on departure.

After facing flaps problem, the crew entered a hold to trouble shoot a flaps problem. The aircraft entered the hold at FL100 for about 30 minutes, then started to descend to Phoenix for a safe landing on runway 26.

The crew then expected a normal landing back to Poenix. However, the aircraft made the landing at a higher speed due to the problem with the flaps.

American A320-200 with registration N651AW was operating the flight initially. The flight to Seattle was later completed by another Airbus A320 with registration N102UW, according to Aero Inside.