INCIDENT An Atlas Air Boeing 767 was forced to perform an emergency landing following an in-flight engine shut down


A military chartered performed an emergency landing after an in-flight engine shut down, shortly after departing from Honolulu.

An Atlas Air Boeing 767-300 with 212 people on board performing flight from Honolulu to Guam suffered a right hand engine failure during the initial climb out of Honolulu.

As a consequence of repeated compressor stalls/surges, the engine emitted bangs and streaks of flames, forcing the crew to declare an emergency.

The Boeing 767 (reg. N649GT) was forced to stop its climb at 2,000 feet then got vectors for an ILS approach to runway 08R, where the aircraft safely landed about 30 minutes after take off.

A passenger aboard the aircraft filmed a pretty impressive video that flames flashing from outside the window during the emergency.