INCIDENT Delta Airbus A319 suffered engine failure on take off


A Delta Airlines Airbus A319 suffered left-hand engine failure before becoming airborne out of runway 34L at Salt Lake City International Airport. The aircraft was operating flight DL-2913 from Salt Late City to Jackson Hole Airport.

The aircraft took off at 5:23 pm from Salt Lake City International Airport. However, the aircraft returned back to Salt Lake for a safe landing some 20 minutes after departure.

After the Airbus A319-100 suffered engine failure, the crew reduced the engine to idle thrust and leveled off at FL90 and returned back to Salt Lake City.

The 19.8 years old Delta A319-100 involved in this incident was initially delivered to Northwest Airlines in December 2000.

The Delta A319-100, with registration N320NB, is powered by two CFM International, CFM56 engines, and was assembled in Hamburg.

A replacement A319-100, with registration N337NB, completed the flight with a delay of over 2 hours.

Feature Photo: “Delta Airlines”