INCIDENT Qatar Boeing 747-8 hydraulic leak leading to runway blockage in Doha


A Qatar Airways Boeing 747-8F suffered the hydraulic system 1 failure when the aircraft was descending towards Doha. The hydraulic System failure had depleted all its hydraulic fluid.

The 747-8 freighter was performing flight QR-8222 from Frankfurt to Doha, when the aircraft suffered the failure and the crew declared an emergency on 28th September.

After declaring the emergency, the aircraft continued for a safe landing on Doha’s runway 34R. However, the aircraft stopped on the runway and was later towed off the runway.

Some of the flights were diverted from landing due to the blockage of runway by the aircraft until it was towed off. Qatar Airways confirmed this and apologised for any inconvenience through a tweet.

The three year old Boeing 747-8F, with registration A7-BGB was inspected by the engineers and the inspection determined that engine number 1 needs to be replaced.

Feature Image: “JetPhotos”