INCIDENT Wingtip broken after a Western Global Boeing 747 after hit a light post in Columbia


Western Global Boeing 747-400, operated by UPS Airlines, lost its wingtip at Columbia Metropolitan Airport, South Carolina, after hitting a light pole on Sunday.

The aircraft with registration N356KD was taxiing at the moment, having arrived as flight KD1198 from Philadelphia International Airport when the incident took place.

As a result of the collision, the aircraft’s right wing sustained damage and the right winglet separated from the winglet. The outbound flight KD2319 to Ontario International Airport in San Bernardino, California, was canceled.

The aircraft was operated by UPS Airlines on wet-lease from Western Global to meet the high demand during the Christmas season.

The Boeing 747 was delivered to UPS Airlines back in November 2015, having operated for Atlas Air and Japan Airlines. The 26.8 years old aircraft was initially delivered to Japan Airlines as a passenger aircraft back in March 1994