INCIDENT LATAM Airbus A321 returned to Sao Paulo with windshields cracked


A LATAM Airbus A321 returned to Sao Paulo after both of the aircraft’s windshields had cracked. The aircraft made an overweight safe landing back in Sao Paulo.

The aircraft was operating LATAM flight LA3304 from Sao Paulo International Airport to Belem International Airport with 178 passengers and seven crew members on board.

The aircraft was climbing out of Sao Paulo deviating around weather when the crew stopped the climb at 20,000 feet after both windshields cracked. After that, the pilots asked the ATC for authorization to return to Sao Paulo.

The A321 made a safe landing at 13:32 local time, some 48 minutes after departure.

The aircraft involved in the incident was an Airbus A321-200 with registration PT-MXB. The flight was completed by another Airbus A321 with registration PT-MXF.