Lufthansa Airbus A350 to bid farewell to Berlin Tegel Airport


Luftansa has scheduled an Airbus A350 flight to bid farewell to Berlin Tegel Airport. The flight will depart Berlin Tegal on 7th November.

With the closure of Belin Tegal Airport all flight will be operated from the new Berlin-Brandenburg Airport. After years of delays, the new Berlin-Brandenburg Airport will open on 31st October.

The final flight from Berlin Tegel will depart on 8th Novemeber. However, Lufthansa will bid farewell to the airport a day earlier on 7th November.

Being the final flight, many passengers are keen to be on board the flight. So the German flag carrier has scheduled an Airbus A350 for the flight. The flight between Berlin and Munich is typically operated by an Airbus A320.

Regarding this a Lufthansa spokesperson said:

“Many of our customers are interested in this special flight. That’s why we decided to change the aircraft. We want to give as many guests as possible the chance to board this flight and to bid Tegel farewell.”

Lufthansa will depart Tegel at 21:10 as flight LH1955 and will arrive at Munich at 22:20 on 7th November.