Spirit Airlines agents injured at Detroit Metro Airport following passenger attack


Two-Spirit Airlines agents were injured, and one of them was transported to the hospital in a bag dispute at Detroit Metro Airport.

The airline told that the three passengers attacked its agents as Flight 646 from Detroit to Atlanta was boarding on Sunday, 17th January. They had been trying to board the flight to Atlanta without authorization.

In a press release, the airline said:

“The agents asked the group to verify that their carry-on bags were sized appropriately for the aircraft before boarding, at which time the passengers became combative.”

“The agents attempted to defuse the situation calmly but were physically assaulted by these passengers as they closed a door to stop them from boarding the aircraft.”

The Wayne Country Airport Authority Police Department reportedly arrested two passengers and the third passenger was cited and released.

These passengers are banned from any future Spirit flights, the airline said Monday.

All of us at Spirit wish the agents a speedy recovery and thank them for their courage and professionalism.” Spirit officials said.

“We also thank law enforcement for responding quickly and arresting those involved in the attack. This violent behaviour is completely unacceptable and has absolutely no place in airports or any other place of business.”