The first shipments of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine just arrived at Los Angelas LAX


As the first shipments of Pfizer’s authorized COVID-19 vaccine ship out from Michigan, about 83,000 doses are expected to arrive in Los Angeles County this week.

A FedEx plane carrying the region’s first shipments landed at Los Angeles International Airport Sunday night, according to the airport.

“The first batch of COVID-19 vaccine has arrived in Los Angeles at LAX,” the airport tweeted. “This is a major milestone for science, our country and our community. Thank you to all those who made this delivery possible, and are part of the incredible effort to distribute vaccines around the world.”

Health-care workers are expected to be the first to receive the vaccine, which is administered in two doses three weeks apart.

The first shipments left Pfizer’s plant in Michigan this weekend, to be transported via FedEx and UPS to 145 locations around the country on Monday. Then another 425 locations will receive shipments on Tuesday.

In Los Angeles, Cedars-Sinai medical center says it expects to receive its first vaccine doses on Tuesday. UCLA Health expects to be administering doses by Wednesday.

California overall expects to get 327,000 doses in the first batch.