VIDEO A pigeon remains perched on plane engine during takeoff from London


A passenger looked on in shock as a stubborn pigeon refused to give up its perch on a plane engine during takeoff.

The unusual incident took place during a flight from London, with the pigeon refusing to budge even as the plane began to accelerate rapidly along the runway.

In the footage, the pigeon attempted to fight the growing force propelling it backwards.

Eventually and inevitably though, it was blown off the engine and out of sight.

The passenger who filmed the unusual incident – who wished to remain anonymous – said: “In the video – which I can’t believe I caught on camera – a pigeon can be seen clinging onto the plane on takeoff.

“I was surprised it managed to cling on for as long as it did, to be honest. I thought it was going to be there with us the whole flight.

“The pigeon was unharmed from what I could tell, it just took a bit of a tumble when the wind speed became too much.”