A JetBlue passenger who refused to wear a mask or stop drinking alcohol could be slapped with a $14,500 FAA fine


A man faces a steep penalty from the FAA for not wearing a mask and other disruptive behaviour during a JetBlue flight from New York last year.

A JetBlue Airways passenger could face fines up to $14,500 from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for refusing to wear a mask, drinking his own alcoholhol, and causing other disruptive behaviour on a flight last year, AP reports.
The passenger was intolerable to the point where the December 23 flight that was flying from New York to the Dominican Republic had to be turned back around, Bloomberg reported.

The FAA said in a press release that the unidentified passenger crowded the traveler sitting next to him and was talking loudly. He also kept drinking alcohol that he had brought on board, even though it is against federal regulations. The man refused to wear a mask after the several requests made by the flight attendants, the agency reported.

Such behaviour is considered unacceptable on JetBlue flights, since its policy matches federal law and face coverings are mandatory on the flight, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The FAA press release stated: “A flight attendant issued the passenger a ‘Notice to Cease Illegal and Objectionable Behavior, and the cabin crew notified the captain about his actions two separate times. As a result of the passenger’s actions, the captain declared an emergency and returned to JFK, where the plane landed 4,000 pounds overweight due to the amount of fuel on board.”

The passenger has 30 days to respond to the enforcements made against him, the agency said.