BREAKING A 16 year old stowaway has been found alive in the landing gear of an Airbus A330


A stowaway has been found alive after hiding in the wheel well of a plane which flew from London to Maastricht airport.

The 16 year old kenya boy was found on Thursday afternoon in the space next to the aircraft landing gear and was taken to hospital suffering from severe hypothermia.

‘He has had a tremendous amount of luck to survive this,’ a spokesman for Maastricht Aachen airport said.

Most stowaways who lie low in wheel wells either freeze to death or fall out of their hiding place during the flight. The short flight took place at a lower altitude to long haul flights, the spokesman told local broadcaster Limburg1.

Luckily, the Airbus A330 cruised at 19,000 feet for just 16 minutes between London Stansted to Maastricht on Thursday, a cargo flight operated by Turkish Airlines.

Border police said on Friday afternoon that the stowaway appears to be a 16-year-old boy from Kenya. He is ‘doing reasonably well’ in hospital.