INCIDENT UPS Boeing 747 slid off the taxiway at Louisville Airport


A UPS Boeing 747-400F slid off the taxiway during line-up at Louisville International Airport on Monday, 15th February.

The Boeing 747-400 freighter, with registration N575UP, was taxiing for departure as flight 5X-1540 from Louisville Airport to Trenton Mc Guire Air Force Base when the aircraft slid off the taxiway as it was snowing.

The airline reported that the nose gear went off the taxiway into a connecting field. There was no damage to the aircraft, and it was towed back onto the taxiway.

The crew reported to the ATC “we are in the dirt” and warned that at least one part of their wing was already over the runway area.

However, the airport said that although it was snowing, the taxiway was not considered that slick. The runway was closed after the incident.

Feature Image: “Facebook”