Lufthansa cuts first class on all US routes until at least May


Lufthansa will continue to offer no First Class on flights to the USA until at least May 2021.

Lufthansa pulled its Boeing 747-8s from flights to the U.S. in 2020. Lufthansa used to offer first-class on flights to Chicago and Los Angeles. However, since November 1st, these routes have been operated with the Airbus A350-900.

The German carrier had initially planned to operate Boeing 747-8s on its Frankfurt to Chicago route from March 30th but this has now been extended by several weeks.

All Lufthansa Boeing 747-8s are outfitted with eight first-class seats in the nose of the aircraft. However, the Airbus A350s only has a three-class configuration.

Even without the global travel restrictions due to the corona pandemic, demand for transatlantic winter and spring flights is weak, as business travel is minimal.

Although, passenger demand is still low, continuing to operate these long-haul routes, lets Lufthansa move cargo between the U.S. and Germany and transportation of essential workers and other travellers.