Mahan Air’s Boeing 747-300 flies again after over five years of maintenance in Iran


Mahan Air’s 35-year old Boeing 747-300 has now started to fly again, after over five years of maintenance and heavy C-check in Teheran.

This Boeing 747-300 is the world’s last passenger Boeing 747-300 aircraft. This Boeing 747 was parked at Mehrabad International Airport after suffering an uncontained engine failure in October 2015.

The aircraft registration EP-MNE was operating a domestic flight from Mehrabad International Airport to Bandar Abbas International Airport with 19 crew and 422 passengers when the aircraft suffered engine failure.

Following the damage to two engines shortly after departure, the fuselage was also damaged during the incident. The aircraft safely landed at Teheran some 40 minutes after departure.

As reported by Sam Chui, two engines were transformed from another Mahan Air’s retired Boeing 747-300, with registration EP-MND.

Mahan Air has now scheduled the World’s oldest passengers, 747-300, for daily domestic flights in Iran.

Feature Image: “Shahram Sharifi“