Southwest to recall 2700 flight attendants from voluntary leave


Southwest Airlines has decided to recall over 2,700 flight attendants back to work to support its summer schedule.

The low-cost carrier is recalling flight attendants who chose to participate in its Extended Time-Off Program, a program introduced during the coronavirus pandemic. They will resume work on June 1.

In a statement, Southwest spokesperson reportedly said:

“To support the upcoming summer schedule, Southwest intends to recall all flight attendants participating in the airline’s voluntary extended time-off program.”

Additionally, Southwest also recalled over 209 pilots from leave last week. The pilots will also resume work on June 1.

Southwest has experienced an increase in bookings, and the airline has decided to operate around 3,000 daily flights.

“The flight attendant recalls, as with pilot recalls, are to position Southwest for the planned flight increases in the summer schedule, which are based upon the improvements in leisure travel demand that the airline recently reported,” said Southwest.

Feature Image: “Tomas Del Coro”